A Kind and Gentle Day

As an event planner…the toolbox is much the same for wedding and funeral coordination. As many people know, I coordinated all the details of Kate Spade’s funeral in June and yesterday I worked from home to allow me to watch the pageantry of President Bush’s funeral. The absolute perfect execution and juggling of a zillion moving parts…just knocks me over.

President H.W. Bush Casket at the Capitol

Both weddings and funerals are what I reference as “Life Chapter Moments,” i.e. “life” will be different from this day forward. A new chapter is about to be written.

State Funerals are the ultimate of our nation’s “respect” and Lord knows we could use a double dose of that in our relationships with other people. Yesterday,  brought that virtue onto a world watching stage.

President Bush Funeral at National Cathedral

My “Bush Brush” was limited to a luncheon to which Mrs. Laura Bush invited Kansas authors, as her platform was all about literacy for our children. We spoke very briefly and I handed her a signed copy of one of my books. She acted like it was a National Treasure. Who knows if she read it on the way home? But so very, very gracious.

I extol my daughters all the time, “Please don’t be of that growing group that is quick to ask; and slow to thank.” Reverse the flow.

Thank you to the Bush family for presenting our nation in it’s best possible light today. Actually today, I think we have indeed the thousand points of light. MJN