A cake to remember…

There are so many nice cake ladies in town and I’ve admired much of their work, but when it came time to pick just one to create the cake of cakes for my daughter’s wedding, it was an easy choice…the Queen of Cakes…Cheri Elder (816-506-0526)

I have hired Cheri for all my nicest weddings for years (as well as lots of personal cakes in between.) She understands me when I tell her that I feel the cake should be “memorable.” People l.o.v.e. wedding cakes. They will seek it out the minute they walk into the room. If it’s just a three tiered, white on white, no separations and some fresh flowers at the top and the base….nobody, literally nobody…remembers that cake.

The inspiration for my daughter’s cake was her fondness for the famous Ladurée macaroons that captured her senses of sight and taste, when she was visiting in Paris.


Justine loved their signature colors of “pistachio and gold” and she already knew she wanted a strong French influence in the over all ambience of her wedding.

I am enraptured with fondant. I love the texture, the taste, the porcelain look, the crispness of the embellishment. Those cakes look like sculptures. My addiction of Cattleya orchids was further fed when Cheri created them for us in royal icing. They were so perfect that most guests thought they were real instead of edible.

8 NG_669

Even the compote that held the orchids on top was edible. Cheri created it of molded sparkling sugar crystals.

Only once before did I design a cake baked in special oval pans and I love that unique shape. Additionally the crowning touch was the “flying buttresses” (think Cathedral of Notre Dame) I have never had her do that before because of the high likelihood of breakage..but oh what a look!


The inside was our family favorite….French vanilla with raspberry filing. Needless to say…there were no leftovers!

To present such a masterpiece, we created a custom table cloth of gold glittered tulle over ivory satin and surrounded the edge of the table in ivory ostrich feathers. My favorite greenery for the base of cakes is again, one of those seldom obtainable nowadays, but hearkens to my early days of floristry to high-end clients. The garland of greenery is called “smilax” and has been used in so many notable weddings.


Cheri Elder is known throughout the city as “the one to beat” as she competed and won, not once, not twice, but three times in the TLC Show “Ultimate Cake Off.” She was also a contestant on Food Network Challenge.

cheri elder

Cheri provided for the Nolte’s, not just a sweet thrill, but also sweet dreams of one of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen in my life.