A Broad Blog from Abroad

A retrospect of the month before we left for London would make me look like a crazy person. (Or make a person crazy.) New additions to my family, the coordination of two complex weddings only 24 hours apart, and following the last bouquet toss…a harried race to the airport.

More on the former topics later, but while its fresh (and I’m back on a plane not distracted), I wanted to share some of the European musings I collected.

The motivation of the vacation was a birthday gift to my eldest daughter. When she was 16 she had a similar trip sans father, but this time I forced myself to tear away from the world of weddings and soak in this experience with my wife and daughter.

Being a Saint Louis University magna cum laude graduate with a degree in History, she has always been our European history lover. You know from my frequent royals watching commentary that I too share that avocation. In England, most of our protocol is founded and it tremendously influences my career.


Unlike our American celebrities…what they have done in English society for generations resonates with us still. Example: the spelling on wedding invitations of “Honour” and “Favour” come from the Brits.



The first white wedding gown was worn by Queen Victoria in 1840. Previously, princesses wore red or purple; expensive dyes. Thread was spun gold…. not gold colored, but real gold. Victoria didn’t want to upstage her groom’s uniform and thus chose the color (no..” colour”) that would set the tone for the rest of the world, for the rest of time.



In these next few blog posts, I’ll share with you some of the experiences. I hope, like me, you enjoy your swim across the pond while we stop for tea and read of my travels and how they relate to the world of weddings today.